The Arc of the Shoals & We Are Chapel Co-Host a Sensory Friendly Trunk or Treat

The Arc of the Shoals and We Are Chapel co-hosted a Sensory Friendly Trunk or Treat in the Fall of 2022.

This event promoted a safer and more inclusive celebration of the traditional Halloween festivity. Our event understood that individuals with exceptionalities of all ages may struggle or be excluded from typical trick-or-treating due to: social skills, physical accessibility, communication, allergies, etc. Our Trunk or Treat facilitated a lower sensory demand on guests by providing an environment with no harsh lights or sounds, and many treats/sensory-friendly options (stickers, stress balls, etc). Guests and their families could also use the event to practice the skills associated with trick-or-treating prior to the big day.

Photos of the event compliments of Board of Director, Emari Hutto.

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