January 2022 Newsletter- New Year’s Resolutions

By Dustin Phillips

In the November edition of the newsletter, I presented several goals that I had as your newly elected secretary. All of the goals that I outlined are always continuous goals. They will never disappear because we always have room for improvement. I want to remind you of a few of those goals and reflect on the progress of each.

My first goal was to improve communication. Having this monthly newsletter is one way the communication has improved between the Board of Directors and the general membership. We also use Remind, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and email to share important information.

My second goal was to recruit new members. While we have not had any new membership applications, the data from our social media shows we are reaching more people now than ever!

My third goal was to get more people connected with us, which align with the first goal of improving communication. At our Board of Director meetings, we now offer Google Meets. You may participate via phone or video conference during our open board meetings. If you would like more information concerning this, please email dphillips@mscs.k12.al.us.

I believe it is important to remind you of these goals so we can establish achievable benchmarks or ̈New Year ́s Resolutions ̈. The following are the benchmarks I would like to see achieved in 2022.

1.) By May of 2022, the membership will increase to 100 members
2.) By May of 2022, we will have 10 monthly donors.
3.) By December of 2022, we will increase our social media presence to 3,000 followers.

Now, how do we plan to achieve these New Year ́s Resolutions? Here are a few easy ways to make these become a reality.

1) Attend our open Board of Director Meetings. We prefer in person, but we do offer a virtual option now!
2) Follow, share, and engage with our social media accounts.
3) Invite friends and family to join our organization.
4) Commit to being a monthly donor. You can sign up on Facebook!
5) Get engaged! We have several committees that you can serve on.

If you would like to join a committee, scan the QR code below and complete the Google Form!
I look forward to a great year in 2022!

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